Fact TV starts New Blog just for Crime stories

Fact TV UK has further researched a number of crimes which have potential for compelling documentaries. As the producer of over 30 hours of quailty crime content in 2010 and 2011 Fact TV has acquired a solid experience and excellent relations with investigators.

“Crime: Crossing the Line” was produced for AETN and authored and presented by Andrea Vogt (www.thefreelancedesk.com). Fact TV and The freelance desk developed the concept and it was eventually coproduced with Director Angelo Rastelli. It was distribued worldwide and aired in all the A+E territories. the series is distributed exclusively via AETN.

The titles were

Milkshake Murder – the murder of Robert Kissel

Murder by the Book – the strange case of Kristian Bala

The Big Lie – The Niel Entwistle case

Vatican Murder – The Swiss Guard murder case

Fatal pick-up

The Phantom Killer – the infamous Phantom of Heilbronn

Murder on the Road – the Volker Eckert case

Death of an Icon – the murder of PierPaolo Pasolini

The Murder of Meredith Kercher (2 hour special).

New projects include

Under a Tuscan Moon.

French couple crime scene

French couple crime scene

The infamous Monster of Florence Murders: a single man or a secret sect? Were the couples the only victims or did the Monster murder prostitutes too? This is the widest ranging and most complete coverage of the story with exclusive access to documents and people.  1 x 90 min

 Danilo Restivo: The Haircutting Killer

Victim Elisa Clapps

Victim Elisa Clapps

His hair fetish and weird impulses would eventually catch up with him, but for years, Italian Danilo Restivo got away with murder because his parish priest refused to let police into his church to investigate. Restivo escaped and killed again, but this time in Britain.  This is the incredible story of how was eventually tracked down by a doggedly determined British investigator, and how he may actually be the perpetrator of many more unsolved murders.

Curko the Cannibal

Curko the Cannibal

Curko the Cannibal

Mattej Curko was killed as he was about to kill a man he thought he was going to eat. He lived in a remote village of Slovakia and contacted his victims over the internet. Interpol set him a trap, but when he resisted arrest and killed the undercover cop sent to catch him, he was shot to death. What the investigators found in his cellar goes beyond the darkest tales of horror.

The Beasts of Satanbuca1

When Andrea Volpe called the police to save his overdosed girlfriend’s life in woodland near Milan, he set in motion an investigation that revealed a decade of Satanic abuse by a group of juveniles obsessed with heavy metal music and black masses. It also eventually closed the seven year search by Michele Tollis for his son, 16-year old Fabio Tollis.